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Wanna Believe Radio (IWBR) is a bi-weekly podcast covering all things paranormal, pop culture, horror/sci-fi and alternative media.  The show features exciting guests and their views on all covered topics.

Prepare to dive into the world of the extreme and mysterious, in search of ideas that will haunt your mind!  Open up the conscious with your hosts, Bob "Scrubs" Penny, Dan "Big Dog" Holroyd and Elmer "Havoc" Boster!  Welcome to I Wanna Believe Radio!

                                           YOUR HOSTS

Bob "Scrubs" Penny

is a dedicated father, Husband, musician and professional Nurse with a large Hospital in Kalamazoo Michigan. He resides in Kalamazoo Michigan. Bob had a paranormal experience when he was a young boy, and it propelled him into studying and investigating the phenomenon. He has been investigating the paranormal since early 1990's  starting and founding  his past group WPARaranormal, and in the early 2000's forming The Michigan Nightstalkers. He has hosted several podcast programs for well over 15 years focusing on the paranormal. Bob has been featured on Television, WSBT-TV South Bend Indiana, WXMI FOX 17 Grand Rapids Michigan, WWMT NEWS 3 Kalamazoo Michigan, WRKR 107.7 FM Kalamazoo Michigan and many other Paranormal podcast shows as a guest. He has been featured in a Documentery about Paranormal Investigating filmed thru Michigan State University Film Program. He recently joined the Southern Michigan Paranormals as a Lead investigator /  Paranormal Adviser. He has also become a member of the Kalamazoo Ghost Busters which is a fandom group based on the movies, the group promotes community and goodwill.

Dan" Big Dog" Holroyd

is a retired Security professional, Father of four, Grandfather, and Husband. He and his children reside in Kalamazoo Michigan.

Dan has had Paranormal Experiences all his life, He began Investigating the Paranormal in as early as 1987-1990 with his childhood friend "Patrick Bowers" while he lived in Tucson Arizona.  Dan started back up with his team The Paranormals from 2006 to 2008 then formed The Southern Michigan Paranormals in 2009. He has hosted several Podcasts for over 10 years on Blogtalk Radio, Peoples TV Network, ASPRN, Dark Plains Radio, Liveradio1 with both paranormal and comedy shows. Dan Has been featured on television, WWMT News 3 Kalamazoo Michigan, WXMI Fox 17 Grand Rapids Michigan, Fox 13 Grand Rapids Michigan, Public Access Lansing Michigan, WKZO Radio Kalamazoo Michigan, WJRW am, Dan Hosted Ghost Tours in Howell Michigan from 2010 - 2014, He currently is hosting Historic Ghost tours of Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo Michigan. He has been featured in two documentaries about his work in the paranormal field. Recently Dan has been producing and hosting a podcast on local Radio and founded the Paranormal Now Network with his long time friend Bob Penny. He also founded the Kalamazoo Ghostbusters in early 2011 and the Great Lakes Ghostbuster Coalition in 2015, it is a fandom group based on the movies and promotes community,  positive Awareness, and goodwill.

Elmer "Havoc" Boster is a dedicated husband, hard worker who enjoys the out doors. He has loved the supernatural and the mysterious world of the Paranormal all his life. He currently works as a Senior Traffic Control Specialist. When he is not working he is out exploring the unknown.He Investigated the Paranormal from 1999-2007, He has hosted podcast shows with "Bob Penny" for over well over 8 years, he is also a story teller / Tour Guide at the Annual " Moth Man" Festival in Point Pleasant West Virginia. Elmer's knowledge and experience are known to many in the paranormal field.
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